PROFILE - Porta Imballaggi Flessibili - Flexible packaging
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Porta Flexible Packaging.
A caring company for more than 50 years.

Our business is not just to provide high quality flexible packaging to our customers at a competitive price. Our business is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and strive every day at their side to create added value to their business.
By listening to our customers, learning to understand their needs and building mutual trust through honesty, integrity and loyalty in all our relationships and negotiations, we achieved our continuous company growth over 50 years.


In response to the challenging requirements of the market, we print and laminate on the most performing production machines. We shall strive to lead with technological Innovations in both products and service and accomplish this by employing the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment and systems.

But the main key of our success is represented by our talented, loyal teams of dedicated people. They are the heart of our business and we could not fulfill our commitments without them. Therefore , we consider as a main priority to create a safe, motivating and fair working environment.

Supplier Responsibility

We are interacting within a global community, taking responsibilities towards our people, clients, suppliers, investors, the public sector and the environment. We feel committed that our activity could have a positive impact on that.

PFP is committed to building long-term relationships with our business partners based upon mutual respect and socially responsible practices. We actively seek out business partners who share, and are committed to, our values.

Quality and Safety

Hygiene and Safety in our ISO 9001 and BRC certified factory are essential to ensure the security of the laminates that will contain our customer’s products.

We guarantee our customers the compliance of our laminates with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.

Our products are manufactured according to the highest standards, employing the best available raw materials. We regularly measure the compliance against these standards with the aim to ensure our customers a continously improving quality performance.


Our Company is committed to progressively reducing the environmental impact of the product and its production processes. This activity is compatible with the business targets of the Company. We make sure and continously monitor we meet all the legal requirements, using the best available technology. We will actively co-operate with our business partners supporting them to improve the environmental sustainability of their products.